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The Main Attraction Review on 2006-04-29
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The Main Attraction     760- 722-7123
939 North Coast Hwy.  Oceanside, CA
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Summarized Information:
Review Date:  2006-04-29
Short Desc:  Where is the hot So-Cal Blondes at?
Overall Rating (10 is best):  6Cost:   $10
Long Description:
This is So-Cal where are all our HOT blonde girls with big tits??? Well you got a few here at Main Attraction (too bad none are blondes :-( ! To bad not enough. Head over to Lake Forest clubs or go to Body Shop or to TJ. Must go place at least one friday night...ask for the Persian chick (she is a dental hygenist in the day) she has amazing butt(to die for). Problem with this place is its to expensive...its just here to rip off the military guys. Its $20 for a lapdance & no touching??? Whats the point? Get your buds and drive down to Body Shop in SD.
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