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The Main Attraction Review on 2006-04-26
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The Main Attraction     760- 722-7123
939 North Coast Hwy.  Oceanside, CA
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Summarized Information:
Review Date:  2006-04-26
Short Desc:  Ok place to kick back
Overall Rating (10 is best):  7Cost:   $8
Long Description:
You can get a lifetime pass for $50. Cover of $8 if its after 6pm. If before $6, then 2 drink minimum. Best time to go is Friday night, the club gets crazy! Saturday night is usually a let-down. This club has a lot of hot girls come and go; but also has a stable of hot girls who will always be there. The hottest right now is the Persian girl, you cant miss her she has the most unbelievable butt; she only works friday night. You must get a dance from her; but be warned she has major attitude problem. Overall the club is relax atmosphere, must tip for each dance $1. Unless its friday night and its standing room only then you dont tip if your standing. Lapdances are OK, but there is a lapdance couch that is hidden from bouncers view, try to get a dance there it will be HOTTT. This is a good place to go just to chill out or if your on the long drive between San Diego and Orange County.
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